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On average, 58% of women need 8 minutes of intercourse to achieve orgasm, 35 % required 12 minutes. This occurs due to specific substances in the brain called neurotransmitters. Surgery: the last resort used only in extreme cases. There is an inverse relationship. If desired, the course can be repeated but not sooner than two weeks.

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No wonder testosterone is called the "hormone of happiness" - a deficiency affects not only physical, but also spiritual condition of men; the constant mood swings, bouts of depression and pessimism unmotivated. The contents periodically to shake. Signs of decreasing testosterone in the blood; excessive sweating, palpitations, fatigue, memory impairment, sleep disorder, hair loss, wrinkles, decreased muscle mass and increased adipose tissue. Sex is not a reason for Dating The sign of such a motto? Adhere to him? Risk...

The course of treatment is about one and a half months, but positive changes can be noticed after a week. What weakened the potency? The etiology of erectile dysfunction is very diverse. Steam bath From ancient times the most useful invention of the people, and not only for potency, but also for overall health. Oats will increase the potency Impotence take the infusion with oat or rye (from the root and spike) 1/4 Cup 3 times a day. With age, starting from age 30, the amount of testosterone in the strong half of mankind is reduced. For the greater good recommended two tablespoons tablespoons shredded carrots 10 minutes on a small fire to boil in one glass of milk.

Suffering from this problem a man may seem obvious origin of his illness, however, only a specialist on the basis of profile diagnostics can confirm or refute these assumptions. Since ancient times in medicine of Tibet to improve, strengthen and restore potency used various natural components of vegetable and animal origin.

Clinic of Dr. Barinovfghich. Infertility treatment! Barinovfghich Ltd.

Clinic of Dr. Barinovfghich. Infertility treatment! Barinovfghich Ltd.